2nd Catalonia’s Open Field Championship Vila termal Caldes de Montbui

October 15-16 2022

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FIELD - double Arrow Head (WA homologation)

October 15 24 unknown distance targets inside the Negrell Forest (Saturday’s ranking will count as a part of the three competitions of the "Trofeu d'Hivern" FCTA according to notice 2215 May/2022). Ver Map

October 16 24 unknown distance targets inside the municipal football field (artificial grass) Ver Map

● Classification: The points obtained during the two days of competition. ● Divisions: Instinctive, longbow, barebow, recurve and compound. ● Categories: Young Adult, Adult, Senior and Silver Senior

Timetable (to be confirmed)


All divisions and Categories - Pre-competition meeting 9:00 - Beginning of the competition 10:00


YELLOW AND WHITE PEGS Longbow, barebow, Young Adult - Pre-competition meeting 9:00 - Beginning of the competition 9:30

RED AND BLUE PEGS Recurve, compound, barebow and traditional - Pre-competition meeting 11:30 - Beginning of the competition 12:00

Final classification and awards ceremony Sunday 16 at 15h.

Awards by division, category and class for the top three who have competed on both days.


Adults: 35€ 2 days, 20 € 1 day.

Young Adults:20€. 2 days, 15 €. 1 day.

Seats limited to 96 participants per day.

If lines for Saturday and/or Sunday are not completed, there will be the possibility of pre-registration for a single day of competition (participation to be confirmed individually by email at the end of the registration period).

For pre-registration: use this form or via email: info@arcmontbui.es

Further details will be published by the FCTA shortly.